Larsen Pools

We offer services in increments of weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and simple one-time services.

Choose us for a one-time pool cleaning, and you're sure to be happy with the results. We use our own portable pumps and trash vacuums to pump every impurity out. This option is a good choice for pools that have been shut down for a long time or those with a large amount of dirt and debris in the water.

For pools with staining, discoloration, copper sulfide, or black algae, simple pool cleaning isn't enough. We recommend a bleach wash for these cases. Your pool surfaces will be brighter and more consistent, and you don't have to worry about resurfacing or replastering.

At our swimming pool company, we offer a full range of pool salt system options. Most pools are easily converted to a salt system with the right equipment. Maintenance, repair, and service of your pool salt system are also provided by our full-service company.

Manufacturers recommend that DE™ and Cartridge™ filters be disassembled and cleaned twice a year. We offer filter servicing that includes a full disassemble and cleaning of dirt and debris by hand—we don't just open the top to clean it.

Count on us to clean every filter element with an acid solution if necessary, inspect the entire assembly, adjust the assembly to make the parts wear evenly, and reassemble your filter after the job is done. Your filter is guaranteed to work properly when you depend on us for filter servicing. We take the responsibility to reseal and close up your system properly.